Anthony Janik Tying Night July 2024

Anthony Janik Tying Night July 2024

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 Meet Capt. Tony Janik:

July’s Featured Fly Tyer at Old City Fly Shop Thursday July 11th 6pm at the shop, we are thrilled to have Capt. Tony Janik as our featured fly tyer at the Old City Fly Shop in St. Augustine, FL. Tony’s deep-rooted connection to the waters of Northeast Florida has shaped a life dedicated to fishing, from a curious child with a bucket of baitfish to a seasoned guide and avid fly tyer. Growing up surrounded by the coastal beauty of Northeast Florida, Tony has always been drawn to water. His interests in surfing, skateboarding, and mountain biking were eventually overshadowed by his passion for fishing. Specializing in shallow water redfish, Capt. Tony leverages his extensive experience to guide anglers to the perfect conditions for stalking and sight fishing redfish in both low and flood tidal conditions.

Depending on the season and fish behavior, Tony expertly positions anglers for exhilarating encounters with redfish, including waking, backing, feeding, and the renowned tailing. Tony’s dedication to the craft extends beyond guiding; he is an avid fly tyer. His intricate knowledge of local fisheries and proven fly patterns ensure that anglers are well-equipped for success. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a novice, Capt. Tony’s balanced approach of patience and enthusiasm makes every fishing experience memorable.

Off the water, Tony cherishes time with his wife, three children, and their chocolate lab. He can often be found tying flies, further refining his craft and preparing for the next adventure. Join us at the Old City Fly Shop this July to learn from Capt. Tony Janik, whose passion and expertise promise an unforgettable fly tying night.

Follow his journey on Instagram @anthonyjanik


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