Things to have on your upcoming trip with Old City Guide  Service

Things to have on your upcoming trip with Old City Guide Service

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Hey, this is Captain Matt Omlor and Captain Luke Blaser owners of Old City guide service and co-owners of Old City Fly Shop in Saint Augustine, Florida With Travis Luther (local fishing and wildlife artist) Travis Luther Art - Art, Fishing, Painting

Old City guide service is excited to have you for your upcoming fishing trip. We’ve put together this list to help you know what to expect and what to make sure you have with you on our adventure. These items will ensure a comfortable and successful fishing trip.

1. 8wt fly rod set up with WF floating line warm water or cold water depending on the fishing season. (Captain will have rods for use of you do not have them) Rods & Reels (

2. Polarized sunglasses.  Sunglasses (

3. Tapered leader 16-20lb. Fly Line & Leader (

4. Sun protection like hooded sun shirts and sunscreen. Sun Protection (

5. Flies such and shrimp crab and baitfish patterns. (Check with guide for specific season selections) Redfish & Backcountry Flies (

6. Your favorite snacks and drinks. (Captain usually provides water electrolyte drinks, and light snacks, like crackers)

7. Another item we suggest bringing with you is a good camera or your phone to capture photos of our beautiful area and fishery. Along the way, you may encounter things such as roseate spoonbills, Wood storks, Great blue herons, various types of egrets and other wildlife.

 If you need help with selecting any of these items that you may not have. Fly Fishing / St. Augustine Fl. / Old City Fly Shop and our brick and mortar location has a curated selection of our favorite items to use in our local fishery. Please stop in the shop or feel free to call 904-481-8594 for assistance.

While you are in town, we would like to invite you to our shops monthly fly tying night. The event is every second Thursday at 6pm we provide food drinks, tying equipment and supplies. Even if you don’t tie this is a great event and experience while you’re in St. Augustine to get a feel for out local fishery!

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