Cubalaya Outfitters G2s Coral/Clear
Cubalaya Outfitters G2s Coral/Clear

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Cubalaya Outfitters G2s Coral/Clear

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Cubalaya Outfitters G2s Coral/Clear

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Introducing…. The G2s!  The Fair Chase G2s, the latest in Cubalaya’s line of angler-focused, analog-centric Fair Chase Reels, leans on the successes of its predecessor while offering several experience-driven, battle-tested developments and upgrades.  The G2s is our newest 6-8 weight! .  We’ve shaved weight from the spool, widened the line carrying area to 1”, re-engineered the spindle collar, reinforced the reel foot, and fully enclosed the frame so to keep fly and running lines firmly in place.  Saltwater or freshwater, two hand switch or spey, the lightweight (9.1oz) and ergonomically-friendly Fair Chase G2s offers unmatched versatility.  So much so, we’ve neglected to even assign a line designation to it; having fished the Fair Chase G2s from a 5wt on panfish and trout all the way up to a 10wt on Permit and Redfish, we can definitively report, no task is too tall for the G2s.  After all, the Fair Chase doesn’t catch fish, you do!



  • Manufactured for use in salt water, proven to perform equally well in fresh water.
  • 9.1 ounces
  • 4.0in inch diameter full-frame click and pawl—no drag, which means the control is literally in your hands.
  • Over-sized palming surface on the spool edge gives the angler the contact surface necessary to easily adjust pressure on the fish by hand while keeping a deep bend in the rod.
  • Dual winding knobs for fine-tuning allow the angler to keep the reel balanced and seamlessly transition from palming to retrieving line.
  • Flip-flop (anti-reverse) bearing allows for both left and right hand retrieve. 
  • Anti-reverse bearing allows for unencumbered line pick-up and immediate transition to the resistance of the clicker.
  • Designed and developed with the constant input of guides and seasoned anglers. 
  • NEW- Inbound Clickers for that pleasing click when retrieving your line


  • CNC machined in-house at Cubalaya Outfitters in the USA from aircraft-grade 6061 T6 Aluminum and 316L Stainless Steel.
  • Self-lubricating bushings and stainless steel hardware throughout. 

Applications and Line Info:

  • Designed for 6wt-8wt line…but dont let that stop you from fishing it up or down!
    • Ability to lightly load backing for a lighter weight fly line and still maintain large diameter palming control
    • Can heavily load backing to keep a higher line retrieval rate
  • 250 Yards of 30# Dacron – and can still carry up to a 10  weight line
    • Will hold more on lighter line
  • 500 Yards of 50# Gel Spun- and can still carry up to a 10 weight line

Whats Included:

  • Complete Reel
  • Custom Reel Pouch
  • Collar Removal Tool
  • Spare Grease Tube